All Along The San Juan River Gallery

The rock art panel at the Sand Island Recreation Area 3 miles west of Bluff, Utah, along with the Upper Sand Island Panel a few hundred yards east of the main panel is one of the most spectacular and interesting rock art sites in the American Southwest. The images, many of which are superimposed over older images, cover a span of over 2000 years of Native American occupation.  Noted archaeologist, Polly Schaafsma, recognizes seven different styles including Great Basin Abstract, Glen Canyon Linear (Glen Canyon Style 5), San Juan Anthropomorphic Basketmaker II, Early Pueblo (Pueblo I-II), late Pueblo (Pueblo II-III), historic Ute and historic Navajo. The three phallic flute players are likely Pueblo II-III, and are associated with fertility. There are three mask-like images with loop-handles that represent flayed facial scalps.