Bob Young’s images have appeared in numerous books, calendars and magazines, including publications by Audubon, National Geographic, Sunset, Countryman Press, Sierra Press, The Nature Conservancy and the University of New Mexico Press. A frequent contributor to New Mexico Magazine, photo/text articles have been published with feature articles on the Salinas Pueblos of the Estacia Basin of New Mexico and the Hispanic homesteads of Largo Canyon in northwestern New Mexico as well as shorter articles on ancient ruins and rock art in the Southwest.

     Drawn to the Four Corners area of the Southwest because of is cultural diversity, abundant archaeologic resources, and magnificent landscape, in 1996 he moved from Wyoming to Farmington, New Mexico. On his days off from medical practice he explored the mesas and canyons of the Four Corners, especially the Dinetah, or Navajo Homeland, photographing the rock art and ruins of cultures that had occupied the area for two thousand years. His photographic exhibit, Spirits of Dinetah, was on display at the Salmon Ruins Museum in Bloomfield, New Mexico. Selections of his work were also displayed in the touring juried photographic Exhibit, “Photo Fieldwork: The Southwest from Petroglyphs to Plazas,” sponsored by the Museum of New Mexico Foundation.

     A passion for the drawings etched in stone as well as paintings by shamans and artists of historic and prehistoric cultures was instrumental in developing a web site that would not only showcase these images, but educate the viewer about the associated cultures and the need to preserve and protect these irreplaceable resources. The Fine Art portion of the website displays images presented at art shows such as the Naples Artcrafters Events and Naples Art Association Exhibits as well as images that have won awards in national contests. A selection of work may be seen at

     All images are available as archival prints on cotton fiber photo paper. Prints on metal surface and gallery-wrapped canvas prints are available at art shows and by custom orders. Contact Bob by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for specific requests and pricing.

     Please visit my booth at the Naples Artcrafters shows beginning Saturday, October 24, at Cambier Park in Naples and continuing the second Saturday of each month through April. The show March 11 will be at Fleischmann Park in Naples.