Crow Canyon Dinetah

Puebloan influenced Navajo or Ancestral Puebloan images, PI-P2, Crow Canyon. While this central bison-horned figure has sometimes been called black god, it is possible that it may be Puebloan. In sand paintings and other rock art Black God has a small feather headdress, either eagle or turkey feathers and the Pleiades is always 7 dots. The Black God dance mask has 7 dots on the left cheek and a feather headdress (Haile 1947). The Black God image on the Bi Yaazh Panel is very small and has 7 dots on the right cheek and a feather headdress. Just as the rock art image of the Ye'i Ghaanaskidi has variations in the Dinetah, it may also hold true for Black God. And just who is Black God? Later.