Crow Canyon Dinetah

This is perhaps the most well known Navajo petroglyph panel in Crow Canyon. The Gobernador Representational Style image depicts Spanish soldiers possibly related to the 1705 Roque Madrid incursion into the Dinetah.  The Navajo Ye'i, Ghaanaskidi, is seen at the bottom left of the panel. His backpack with eagle feathers over a rainbow contains mist and seeds. Also known as the humpbacked god this figure wears mountain sheep horns as a headdress and carries a staff or planting stick.  This holy person belongs to the Mountain Sheep people, is god of fertility and harvest, and is a prominent figure in the night chant. This is the most ubiquitous Ye'i in the Dinetah, both in rock paintings and petroglyphs. There are two sets of star patterns that may represent the belt and sword of Orion (First Slim One), Below the small horse and rider bottom right and just to the right of the crack in the rock.